Ramganga River, Chaukhutiya, Uttarakhand

Chaukhutia is a town in Almora district of Uttarakhand. It is located on the bank of the river Ramganga, and derives its name from a Kumaoni word “Chau-khut” which means four feet. In Chaukhutia’s context, ‘four feet’ means four ways or directions. The first way is towards Ramnagar, second towards Karanprayag, third towards Ranikhet and Almora and the fourth way is towards Tadagtaal, Kheera.

A group of small temples dating back to 9th century AD were found in CHHANI, a village 11kms from Chaukhutia, during an excavation in 2016-17.The temples, according to traditions of the architecture, were constructed around 9000 years ago.Some of the temples didn’t have roofs, but shivalingas inside the temples were still intact. These temples were considered to be a part of a large group of temples that were buried, perhaps, by debris of landslide long back.

National Highway 109 connects Chaukhutia to the cities of Almora, Dwarahat, Karnaprayag and Haldwani. Regular buses ply between Chaukhutia and Ramnagar making it a perfect getaway

P.S. : Perfect spot to set up your tent and enjoy the pious aura of nature.❤

Pic: Beautiful sunset near CHHANI, Chaukhutiya.


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