LambiDher Mines, Mussourie, Uttarakhand

Type: Haunted Place


Imagine a very old series of mines, dark tunnels standing amidst the peaks of mighty Himalayas, surrounded by thick forests with clouds touching down in the valley and you will get the idea. It’s an ideal setting for a horror movie which eventually made these mines notorious as haunted.

The legend is of a witch who has taken shelter in the mines and has been responsible for several deaths that occurred here.

Interestingly enough, this woman was also an unfaithful wife in her life. She was the wife of a local miner and mother of two. One day her husband found about her extra-marital affair and the wife, out of fear and guilt, unable to face her husband ran to the mines and hid there for days. Her husband and other villagers looked and looked for her but she couldn’t be found. What she didn’t know was that her lover had also taken off and it created an impression of both of them leaving the village together.

This further infuriated the husband and out of anger he killed both their children, not able to decide if they were his own or other man’s. Days later, the wife stepped out of the mines only to learn about the death of both her children. Ashamed of what she has done and how her acts destroyed her family, she ran to a nearby cliff and jumped off it.

Ever since, it is believed that her soul is still trapped in the mines and is getting violent day by day. People say that right after the death of the wife, strange happenings started to occur in the mines. People started to die in strange and freak accidents every other day. Then there came a time that everyone feared for their lives and not even a single person was ready to step in this mines which by them had earned the fame of being called a death pit.


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